Common Area News
Posted on Jul 15th, 2021

The common area facilities were reopened on May 8, 2021 after board approval. Since that date the court facilities have been renovated and the common area restrictions have been relaxed following the June 15, 2021 statewide reopening.
The capacity restrictions for the BBQ/picnic area have been removed and the drinking fountains in the common area facilities are now operational. New signs will soon be placed on the entry gates consistent with the reopening rules.
The court areas have been reconfigured and renovated. All court areas have been resealed and re-striped. The basketball area now has a full court configuration with glass backboards at both ends of the court. The racket ball area now consists of two tennis courts and two pickleball courts. The court area operating rules will be revised for the new configuration at the July board meeting. The HOA website has more court area details on the About Us>Amenities and About Us>Common Area pages.
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