New Manor web portal and payment system
Posted on Jul 23rd, 2019

The Manor Association switched to a new web portal for Whalers’ Island effective July 1, 2019. As part of the change the Whalers’ Island operating bank account has moved from Union Bank to Pacific Premier Bank. These changes require action by all Whalers’ Island homeowners if you want to pay your monthly assessment by an electronic payment. You received a Manor monthly statement by regular mail in late June with instructions for how to access the new Manor web portal and how to setup for electronic payments. The FAQ page on this website has been updated with detailed information about how to create a login ID for the Manor portal, how to setup for electronic payments and how to receive your monthly statements via e-mail. You can also call the Manor office to ask for assistance in the setup process. All Whalers’ Island homeowners received a new Manor account number as part of this change. The new account number can be found at the top of the June statement you received in the mail. Use the new account number for all of the setup procedures. Your old Manor account number is now invalid.
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