Common Area
All of the Whalers’ Island common area including the amenities has a non-smoking policy with posted signs. The amenities are for use by residents and their guests. Please view the Amenities page for pictures of the amenity areas. The Operating Rules page provides links to the Pool, Court, BBQ and Boat Park rules. Please read and observe these rules when using the Whalers' Island common area amenities. Access to the following amenity areas requires using the pool & tennis key to open the locked gates. The amenity areas include:
·         Bridgeport pool area
·         BBQ and picnic area adjacent to the Bridgeport pool
·         Basketball court adjacent to the Bridgeport pool
·         Tennis and pickleball court area with lighted courts
·         Dewey pool area
·         Boat park area with boat storage racks
Each of the 206 Whalers’ Island lots is issued a single pool key for use by residents and guests. Contact the managing agent to replace a lost pool key. There is a $50 charge to replace a lost key.
Pool Areas
Both pools are heated from from spring through fall. Owners and residents are notified by the property manager when heating begins and ends. Both pools have:
·         Outdoor showers; water temperature same as the pool
·         Heating operates from 6am to 10pm; timer shuts off heaters at 10pm
·         Children’s wading pool is same temperature as the large pool
·         Locked restrooms opened with the pool & tennis key
·         Chaise lounges, chairs and side tables around the pool
·         Water is tested daily for purity
·         Pool service checks equipment and operation twice weekly
·         Gardening service maintains pool areas once a week
·         Janitorial service maintains pool areas three times weekly on Monday, Wednesday and Friday during the heating period.
·         There are hand sanitizers near the entry gate.
Bridgeport Pool Dewey Pool
60' x 30' 40' x 20'
heated to 82 degrees heated to 84 degrees
depth 3.5' to 5' depth 4' to 5'
The Bridgeport pool area has a Jacuzzi pool heated to 102 degrees during the same heating periods as the large pools:
The Jacuzzi is activated by pressing the start button seen on the left in the picture. There is an emergency shutoff button just to the right of the start button. There is a plastic cover for the Jacuzzi pool. Please place the cover over the pool if you are the last to leave.
During the winter months, the pools are not heated and the pool furniture is stacked underneath the covered areas near the pools.
Tennis, Pickleball and Basketball Courts
There are two tennis and two pickleball courts with lights for night time use. The basketball court is a scaled down court area sixty feet in length with glass backboards at both ends. The court rules are posted in the court area and on the website. The courts may not be reserved in advance. There are no lights for the basketball court.
The tennis and pickleball court lights are operated using the pool & tennis key. Insert the key into the switch box attached to the light pole near the center court and switch on the lights. The key must be left in the switch while playing. The lights will shut off five minutes after the key is removed. Power to the tennis court lights automatically shuts off at 10:00 pm.
BBQ and Picnic Area
This area has picnic tables and a charcoal BBQ grill in a covered, lighted area. Residents and their guests may use this area for parties and events. The area can be reserved using the Reservations page on the website.
Boat Park Area
Residents may store small, portable boats such as kayaks and canoes in the boat park. The boat park has fourteen numbered storage racks that are 4' x 3' x 13'. Each rack space is capable of storing multiple boats and residents may be asked to share an assigned rack space. The entrance to the boat park area is along Farragut between Mystic Lane and Dover Lane. Use the pool & tennis key to unlock the gate to enter the area. Always leave the gate locked when you depart the area.
The boat park beach is located on the lagoon waterfront in Whalers' Island. Boats can be launched from the beach in the boat park area.
You must be assigned a numbered boat rack space before storing your boat in the boat park area. Use the Contact Us page to request assignment of a rack space for your boat. Select "boat park storage request" from the Send To drop-down menu and compose a message stating for each boat to be stored:
  • Type of boat
  • Color
  • Length and width
You will be notified by e-mail when a rack space is assigned. See the Resources > Boat Park Storage page to view a list of the current rack space assignments.