Welcome to Whalers' Island ...
           Whalers' Island is a planned community in Foster City, California
           located on the waterfront of the Foster City lagoon system.
           The Whalers' Island Homeowners Association serves homeowners
           and residents. Please login or register to access the member areas
           of the website. 
          The Manor Association is the property management company for the 
           Whalers' Island Homeowners Association. Click on Manor Login to 
            access the Whalers' Island area of the Manor website or select
            Members > Property Manager on the navigation bar at the top
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Upcoming Events
Board Meeting
Tuesday, July 23rd
The next board meeting of the Whalers' Island Homeowners Association will be held on Tuesday, July 23, 2024 at 4:00 PM as a remote meeting using video conference and teleconference technology. Homeowners can participate by either video conference or teleconference and may speak during the homeowner forum at the beginning of the meeting. View the Members>Board Meetings page for the video conference link and the teleconference phone number. The meeting agenda is distributed to owners by email five days before the meeting and can also be viewed by clicking on the “Meeting Agenda” link on the Board Meeting page.
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